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The Quinta das Bágeiras brand forms the backbone of all our products, reflecting our way of being in the wine industry. These are classical wines that use very traditional winery practices (and that, in many cases, contradict the rules of "modern oenology") arising from the experience and knowledge passed down and perfected from generation to generation.

Above all, at Quinta das Bágeiras we pursue quality and character. As such, we adopt a minimalist approach to oenology, producing our wines as naturally as possible, so that they express the terroir they come from. Our wines also have a great longevity, whether they are red, white or sparkling wines. The latter are only produced in the Bruto Natural version, i.e. with no added sugar.

Pai Abel

Abel Nuno represents the second generation in the history of Quinta das Bágeiras. He was the one who took note of the best vineyard plots in Bairrada, small properties we have acquired over the last 25 years and, to this day, he is still the one who looks after them, in a wise, rigorous and caring way. This wine was created not only as an homage to my father, but to the family as a whole. Abel always preferred wines with character, the strong and full structure of which make an impression and what we tried to accomplish here was a wine to his liking, white as well as red. Therefore, we also wanted to prove to ourselves that it was possible to produce a great wine from vines that were "only" 15-years-old, but that are grown in an excellent terroir, mimicking the natural production of an old vineyard, through the mixture of grape varieties and the reduction of the younger vines' production.


Avô Fausto

Our winemaking calling came to life through my grandfather Fausto. He was the first in the family to devote himself to the vineyard and the winery and he was the one who bought the first plots. He passed down his passion for the land to the generations that came after him, as well as the values he always stood by: hard-work, perseverance and integrity. Unlike my father Abel, grandfather Fausto enjoyed more elegant and fresh wines, with softer tannins and less alcohol content (thus allowing him to indulge in one more glass...). The wine named after him was created with these memories in mind, a wine which carries the simplicity and lightness of Fausto himself.

Ficha Técnica

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